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Level II NICU at the Family Birthplace

The Family Birthplace Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Memorial Hospital Miramar is designed with all private rooms and advanced technology for your baby. We've provided a homelike setting in the NICU, with family privacy and opportunities for nurturing to help your baby grow and go home as soon as possible.

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Family-Centered Care

At the heart of the Family Birthplace at Memorial Hospital Miramar is patient- and family-centered care. That's why we've developed a new private-room level II NICU for newborns who need more specialized care than the Newborn Nursery provides, and where families can have privacy while spending time with and caring for their baby. The custom design of our NICU was developed by a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists and parents.

The level II NICU provides care for newborns weighing 1000 grams or more, or neonates who are at 28 weeks gestation or greater. We are affiliated with Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital (JDCH).

Design for Safety

Our 10-bed, private-room NICU has advanced technology for patient monitoring, electronic documentation, infant security, barcode medication administration and communication. High-tech equipment and evidence-based medicine are utilized to optimize the outcome potential of each neonate. Alarms from patient monitors are transmitted to a central monitor and to the staff's pager and hand-held wireless phone, thereby ensuring a quiet environment. There is a satellite pharmacy inside the NICU for quick dispensing of medication. Blood gas testing of infants can be done at the bedside.

Multidisciplinary Care

Board-certified neonatologists (physicians who specialize in the care of newborns and premature babies) provide coverage in the NICU. Other caregivers include neonatal nurse practitioners, nurses and respiratory therapists with special neonatal training. Each is NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Program) certified. Board-certified lactation specialists, speech pathologists and an array of subspecialists are available to provide support, education and consultation.

Family Design

family birthplace

Studies have shown that private NICU rooms with space for family care provide babies a faster transition to independent feeding, with better growth, fewer days needing extra oxygen, and fewer days in the hospital. At Memorial Hospital Miramar, a parent can spend the night in the private NICU room. Immunized siblings can also spend time with their baby brother or sister, which helps form bonds. Blinds can be raised on a special window for other viewing, and noise level is kept to a minimum with special floor and ceiling insulation.

Each private NICU room also provides a refrigerator to store breast milk, and locked cabinets for parents. Kangaroo care, where parents hold the baby skin to skin, is encouraged to promote better feeding and weight gain.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

With ambient lighting to simulate nighttime, tiny star-like lights shed a soft glow in your baby's private room. Special lights for examination are provided; lighting can be appropriately adjusted as your baby develops a circadian rhythm — night and day — that leads to better development and healing.


Staff at Memorial Hospital Miramar follow up with phone calls to check up on each baby. If a baby needs further developmental care, he/she may be referred to the Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Developmental Clinic.

For more information about the level II NICU at Memorial Hospital Miramar or to schedule a tour of the Family Birthplace, call (954) 538-5800.


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